Inapptics helps app creators visually analyze actual user behavior by aggregating all user interaction events and turning them into proactive and meaningful intelligence by applying AI.

Inapptics was built by a team that has successfully completed challenging mobile and web projects for high profile global customers. We have a cumulative engineering experience of 40 years and a cumulative management/entrepreneurship experience of 15 years. During that period, we identified a number of pain points for app developers, UI/UX designers, and product managers. Our observations made it clear that app developers struggle with getting a clear picture about their users’ behaviour in the app. They often miss the visual analysis part of user engagement (e.g. what is the most common usage flow?). It’s also challenging to Identify what usage flow caused a specific crash using crash logs.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned, we decided to create a tool to solve all these issues. We called our solution inapptics.

Inapptics SDK is integrated with a single line of code. No need to worry about what you should track and setting anchor points. Every time the user finishes using the app, the data becomes instantly available and can be analyzed in the form of screen flows and heat maps. Crashes can be reproduced with a single click of a button.

Next version of inapptics will include automatic human language suggestions based on pattern analysis. With enough data, it will even start predicting user behavior.